Titles By D.S. Shumway:

Eddie is a highly respected and somewhat feared surfer in the waves along the Ventura, California coastline. He’s also a feared husband, being verbally abusive and neglectful of his pregnant wife. But with the birth of his child, Eddie meets Travis, an overweight and out of shape computer nerd who dotes on his wife through her labor and delivery, and Eddie recognizes the need to be more like him. 

Dr. Kleinman is the obstetrician delivering these infants, and he’s also the obstetrician for the wife of another surfer: Nathan. But the birth of Nathan’s child sets in motion tragic events that will inextricably weave these individuals and their families into the most unlikely of friendships. 

Friendships that will provide support and direction for these men as they struggle with fatherhood, but friendships that will ultimately expose a hidden past, and reveal events that poignantly illustrate how synonymous true friends and family can be.